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Current version: 3.3.3 (released March 10, 2014)
Commencing a new business is usually a difficult task and people who steadfastly engage in one or two businesses end up doing very well. The ClassiPress theme is one of such business that requires time and concentration. It is for a classified ad wordpress site, and will be very vital when you are planning to commence a classified ads site. It can also be utilized as a job site, Classifieds site, an online store and several other things that may be useful to you at any point in time.

Venturing into this business has been made so simple by the provision of script and other things produced by AppThemes, which made access to the feature set of pros quite easy. The script helps you to make huge amount of money online on a monthly basis. However, this article is basically meant for those who are highly interested to make money through this available opportunity.
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Converting WordPress to Classifieds

Another thing to consider again in the script is the conversion process of wordpress into classifieds. Starting the script does not require any special knowledge neither does it require you to go through an unbelievable complicated installation procedure. As soon as you are aware of how to change the wordpress blog, it is believed that you will be able to make use of the classified ads  framework properly.

As you prepare to make use of the Classipress theme, you have to consider applying it with a premium buy-sell website, which explains that you can charge people for posting their ads. These prices may be the same on all the sites or you can decide to set various prices based on the grouping. Extra monetization preference needs a per-defined space for a 468×60 ad banner in the header, amongst all the selection for advertising in so many places all over the site.

Direction finding for people that visited the site is not difficult. The major page displays the various types and sub-groups, thereby making it stress free to browse all the site. An internet search box is as well provided in the sidebar assuming they want to view a particular thing. The presence of some life demos makes the Classipress theme site to be very fascinating such that anyone who visits the site will never regret doing so.

Consequently, one important thing to bear in mind is that the framework is very fast to answer questions and there are proven evidences of such situations where people are happy with the outcome of the inputs they made online. In fact, one could say that it is very easy to make use of. It has the degree of customization you may require, very stable and gives the expected support.

The advantage of this script is that it is based on WordPress which was earlier stated. WordPress is now referred to as the major platform used in blogging and it is always updated thereby making it more secured and strong.

There are two price packages for classipress theme

classipress theme price

Is it worth it? Let’s go on:

There is Classipress theme for a single website usually meant for people who are just starting. You can alter the theme as you desire but support will only be for the original layout and configuration. Both  Standard and developer  edition has unlimited license and operates multiple websites . But PSD files only to developer edition,it is the perfect package for a developer, medium-large business, or even a consultant who has a lot of customers.

Although, there were other introductory explanation given concerning the Classipress theme such that interested persons will be abreast with what they are paying for. Some people call it the Craigslist for word press hence it can be used for job site, classified site, online store just to mention but a few. Things like PayPal integration, five color schemes, multi-language support, and Adsense are some of the features that can be gotten from the Classipress theme.

Now you can check the classipress theme video below,it’s really easy.

The great-looking ClassiPress Theme is already to be the following:
  • It’s easy to use
  • It has the degree of customization you want
  • It is stable
  • Support is good

Finally, the number of sites that can be derived from the use of the script is also an important thing to consider. The license you paid for determines the number of sites you can get. Car finder and dating sites could also be gotten from the Classipress theme. All you need do is to subscribe to any of the RSS feed where you can be shown the current way forward on how to optimize and modify Classipress theme.

So, Hell yes, Classipress Theme is  the best that your money can buy for a classified platform!

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